Gunsutra Pvt. Ltd. is an Incubated startup hosted by FITT, IIT Delhi at its TBIU unit. We strive to create New-Gen Point-of-Care medical Diagnostic devices in Benchtop and Handheld form factors and offer a range of services to Academia and Industries.

We offer services in custom Aptamer generation

Aptamer synthesis

Our proprietary technology to generate custom Aptamers (upto 80 bases) can be availed at competitive pricing to Industry and academia for a range of applications – Therapeutics, Diagnostics and assays.

Our team of experts have developed SELEX process and we can synthesize the required Aptamer(s) to Kd 20-40 nM range in just 10 rounds of SELEX. Interested parties would have to provide HPLC purified native state target/template to us. Our lead time shall be 3-6 months depending on size of target macromolecule. Please contact us for a Quote.

How we design these aptamers?

Please refer to patents and publications below. We can generate <10 nM Kd value Aptamers for >100000 Da protein and biomacromolecules and approx 20-40 nM Kd value aptamers for 5000-100000 Da macromolecules in just 10 rounds of SELEX, thereby saving lead time between contracting and submission of sequence to the client. We can’t develop aptamer against metal ions or very small molecules. We can evaluate Kd values through molecular docking studies after sequencing a few best binders OR go with calorimetric technique or melting curve analysis depending on client preference and budget.

Patent on Aptamer technology:

Sandeep K. Jha and Tanu Bhardwaj, 2018 (Granted) Aptamers for Ranibizumab. Indian patent application no. 201811044185 dated 23-11-2018 published 14-8-2020


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Please contact us for a quote on Custom Aptamer generation.